Connie Estampador-Adaya


Hello! I’m Connie, and I’ve been happily working in the field of education, childcare and communications for over 20 years now. I’m very excited to be coming onboard as the Head Administrator/Lead Instructor at the Little Treehouse Nursery. You might have seen me at the successful Little Pea Kids Commons at Thonglor 17 where I will remain as a Consultant/Visiting Mentor. I’ve been juggling a busy working-wifey-mommy life while inching closer to my MA in Early Childhood Education. I believe that if we instill discipline, respect, compassion and positivity with fun factor to children in a loving manner, we are gearing them up to confidently face life’s challenges. I love dancing, writing, storytelling, puppetry, entertaining children and meeting families from all walks of life. See you soon!