Little Green Footprints

Learning sustainability starts with everyday practice. Children will learn how to live in harmony with nature from a young age and carry this eco-consciousness thread lifelong.

Sustainable practices in our daily routine day-to-day activities include:

  • Learning about the environment in our lessons
  • Utilizing recyclable items (tissue boxes, toilet rolls, straws, corks, etc) in classroom activities
  • Encouraging children to switch off water and electricity after using
  • Teaching children the natural decomposition cycle by composting food scraps in our backyard
  • Educating children and having them participate in ‘garden to plate’ activities including seed sprouting, weeding, vegetable gardens, and cooking
  • Educating children on caring for plants and recycling clean water into our garden
  • Field trips to gardens, plant nurseries, and refill centers

Embracing learning opportunities and embodying sustainability in our design and day-to-day operations

  • Incorporating a plant-based menu
  • Instilling a zero single-use plastic rule at school
  • Making organic, homemade soaps, mosquito repellents, and gels in – house by a field expert
  • Sourcing linen and other sustainable fabrics for uniform
  • Maximizing natural resources where possible such as relying on natural light and heat
  • Recycling water from water play or children’s drinking bottles into our gardens
  • Utilizing environmentally friendly products, such as wood, bamboo, copper and steel, for learning aids and materials
  • Up cycling raw materials in the construction of Little Treehouse Nursery