Our Meals

In the early years, good nutrition is critical. By offering a variety of textures, tastes and colors, we help children build a positive relationship with food. Children learn about where their food comes from by growing food in our herb and vegetable garden and hydroponic balcony.

All meals are homemade and plant-based, with the inclusion of dairy and eggs. We ethically source organic, homegrown fruits and vegetables in support of our local farmers. We also incorporate Superfoods into our dishes, such as Spirulina, Acai, and Cacao.

We chose to go plant based to avoid the unwanted hormones and chemicals hidden in the meat industry. With a bigger demand for healthy food in the world, plant based living is the future!

MONDAY French toast sticks honey or maple syrup Wholewheat pasta homemade tomato sauce with mushrooms Cream cheese & crackers
TUESDAY Warm oatmeal sprinkled with cacao nibs Sushi - japanese rice, soya ham, carrots, cucumber, sesame miso soup Home baked banana cake
WEDNESDAY Fluffy pancakes bananas / strawberries Brown rice hearty lentil soup cucumbers Tortilla chips homemade dips - salsa, guacamole, sour cream
THURSDAY Grilled cheese sandwich Thai-style noodle soup vegan broth fresh sprouts from our garden Popcorn & pretzels chocolate chips
FRIDAY Smoothie yogurt, bananas, frozen fruits Homemade hummus carrot & cucumber sticks toasted flat bread Animal crackers juice

Our meals are prepared on site by our in-house chef in our fully equipped on-site kitchen. In planning the menu we take account of individual dietary needs and aim to provide both a nutritious and varied range of meals and snacks.

  • A balanced diet with a lot of varied meals
  • Plenty of fresh and organic fruit and vegetables
  • Minimal use of salt and sugar within our meals
  • Provide a diverse menu, which facilitates to develop children’s taste buds
  • Incorporating SUPERFOODS into our menu