Meet the Leadership Team

Our shared philosophy

  • To educate and enrich the whole child – mind, body, and soul
  • To foster an appreciation and curiosity of nature
  • To encourage flexible thinking and develop creative problem solving
  • To smile, love, and laugh along the way!
Renika Phanichkrivalkosil

Hello, I am Renika, a mother of two happy children and strong advocate for play-based learning. I have attained my Masters in Education from Framingham University and a Montessori Diploma from MMI. I have had experience in teaching kindergarten, designing school curriculum, and was an IB Diploma Coordinator at the start of my career. In my free time, I enjoy conducting LEGO Serious Play Workshops for adults and children. Happiness is my biggest motivation and try to spread love and light to everyone I meet.

Renika Phanichkrivalkosil

Hi, I am Radhika! I started out my educational career as a kindergarten teacher and I’ve never looked back! I hold a Masters in Education and Curriculum Development and have worked in several established kindergartens around Bangkok. In my 18 years of Early Years teaching experience, I have grown passionate on nurturing young minds and believe that every child has a place in my heart. I take a holistic approach on health and believe that the body, mind and soul must be in balance.