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About Us

Little Treehouse Nursery was born from two dedicated mothers with years of teaching experience and qualifications. Nestled in the heart of Bangkok, our cozy green space aims to be the first choice for families that want an exceptional learning journey for the early years. Little Treehouse Nursery is a stimulating, safe, and happy place with lots of opportunities for fun, interaction and development. We believe that every child is unique and learns best through play and hands-on activities. As educators and visionaries, we have created this “green nursery” that instills love for nature and care for the environment. We are building a generation of sustainably minded and environmentally conscious children. We invite you to make adventures in our Little Treehouse.


Our aim is to sprout a new wave of eco-conscious children to be one with nature, which will in turn create a safer and more sustainable planet for themselves and their future generations.

Mission Statement

Little Treehouse Nursery provides a safe, nurturing environment that promotes growth in all aspects, a well as a positive self-image and a love of learning. We are a pioneer in providing a green nursery and developing an eco-conscious spirit in young learners.

Toddler Garden

Our separate Toddler Garden promotes safe play for our under two’s. The area is beautifully enclosed with natural bamboo and fully shaded to provide the perfect atmosphere for exploration!

Our Space

Little Treehouse Nursery boasts an abundance of indoor and outdoor facilities that stimulate a child’s creativity while cultivating their love for nature. Your child will be immersed in greenery from the first step into our little oasis.

Luscious Outdoor Gardens

Whether it’s exploring barefoot on the sand, feeling the cool water between their fingers, or searching for mini beasts and little creatures in the grass, our gardens provide Little Treehouse children with many opportunities for fun!

Our separate Toddler Garden promotes safe play for our under two’s. The area is beautifully enclosed with natural bamboo and fully shaded to provide the perfect atmosphere for exploration!

  • Mini-Treehouse
  • Sensory Walk
  • Toddler Hill
  • Sandbox
  • Water Play Area
  • Open-ended Toys

Our open-air Treehouse Garden is accessible to Pre-K, K1 and K2 children. Surrounded by nature, our one-of-a-kind Treehouse is the highlight of this beautiful garden, welcoming children to explore and play!

  • Little Treehouse
  • Tire Swings
  • Sand pit
  • Natural Grass area
  • Water play area
  • Balancing Log Track
Stimulating Indoor Areas

We believe that the child’s environment is the Third Teacher. Each element has been carefully designed to support the child’s learning. Our four classrooms are warm and inviting, featuring high ceilings and an abundance of natural light.

  • Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten 1, and Kindergarten 2 Classrooms
  • Child-friendly Toilets
  • In-house Dining and Catering Area
  • Cozy Library with Treehouse Reading Nook
  • Art Studio (indoor and outdoor area)
  • Multi-purpose room (Nap/ Music & Movement)
  • Hydroponic Garden Balcony
  • Herb and Vegetable Garden
A Growing Concern for Air Pollution

A growing concern amongst the Bangkok community is the deteriorating air quality. Air pollution varies in different times of the year and needs to be monitored daily. We understand the seriousness of the effects of poor air quality, especially for young ones, and therefore have put into place certain policies to assure the safety of our students. Little Treehouse Nursery has our own Air Quality Index (AQI) reader. We refer to two sets of data: the general AQI and readings for PM 2.5. On days that AQI is above 150, all children will be kept indoors to enjoy singing, games, and other fun activities. All indoor areas are equipped with Air Purifiers. Children will be given a free washable respiratory mask with their purchase of their nursery uniforms at the start of the school year. If your child has any significant respiratory problems, please inform us. We will devise a plan together that we can act upon on days with poor air quality.

Child Safeguarding

Little Treehouse Nursery is very mindful of our commitment in providing families a safe and secure nursery. Here are some ways we keep your children safe under our care:

  • CCTV throughout all areas of the nursery (Management access only)
  • Guard on duty during school hours
  • Double secured entry with keypad entry system
  • Single Point Entry/Exit
  • Background check of all nursery employees
  • Visitors are accompanied at all times
  • First Aid Training for all school staff
  • Fire Plan and Exit Training
  • Fast & Easy Accessibility to Samitivej Hospital – Sukhumvit Soi 49